The updated Show is a big step in the right direction thanks to a better design, screen, sound experience and feature set. It’s still hampered by some patchy skills and limited support for third-party streaming services, but if you’re a Prime Video fan living in a smart home full of Echos, you should definitely check it out.


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The Amazon Echo Show can seem confusing for those not used to smart home gadgets. At heart it’s a smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo, but also builds in a large screen – adding in video and touch functionality alongside the Echo’s usual audio capabilities.

The company already has two different smart screen products out in the wild. There’s the original Echo Show, which this is a refreshed version of, and the smaller, rounder Echo Spot.

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation) at Amazon for $179.99
The Spot may also have a screen, but it’s a very different offering. It’s round, cute and quirky with charm in spades. Of course this means it’s unlikely to appeal to everyone. However, its circular screen and smooth lines has made it a hit with those who never really warmed to the Amazon Echo’s tower design.

In contrast to the charm of the Spot, the 1st generation Echo Show was quite a hard sell at launch, shipping with an Alexa assistant that didn’t make the most of the bigger screen and having middling audio given both its price and its size.

But now we’ve got a second generation model and Amazon has ironed out most of the issues we had with its predecessor. For this latest version of the Show, Amazon has well and truly gone back to the drawing board. And it was worth it. Everything about this year’s Echo Show – its design, screen and functionality – is better than ever before.